Neon Sheep Pictures | Colorado Covid-19 PSA
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DENVER EGOTIST: Colorado Hospital Association and Denver’s Heart + Mind Media Covid PSAs Ask You to Hang in There

In November, as COVID-19 cases were spiking, Heart + Mind Media along with with Ascend Digital Strategies developed this campaign on behalf of the Colorado Hospital Association. Their mandate was to capture the attention of young people (18-34) who are making up a disproportionate share of new COVID-19 cases, but began tuning out the usual COVID prevention messaging focused on altruism and sacrifice.

The campaign uses humor to focus the audience on hope for the future — a time not so far away when we’ll all be able to get back safely to to the people and things that we love… even if they weren’t always as great as we remember.

The spots were filmed and produced locally, with Denver-based production company, Neon Sheep Pictures. The campaign includes digital, social and OTT.